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Streamline Provider Enrollment and Management

Person working on a computer with a streamlined process diagram in the background, representing the benefits of streamlining provider enrollment and management with Gainwell Technologies.

As patient expectations rise, providers are facing growing demands beyond their role as knowledgeable and valued caregivers. Providers and their staff often find themselves buried in time-consuming manual processes and administrative tasks — such as handling patient record-keeping, preparing prior authorizations and pursuing reimbursement by insurance companies for services provided. 

In the United States, we are currently experiencing, and have been for several years, a shortage of physicians and healthcare workers, with predictions that we could see a shortage of 54,100 to 139,000 physicians by 2033. Exacerbating the issue is an aging population and increasing prevalence of chronic disease — necessitating several more physician visits per year to manage these complex conditions.  

Additionally, people living in areas of the country designated as physician shortage areas may skip a visit to a primary care physician because of scheduling delays. This can lead to more serious illness or even require a trip to the ER, already experiencing surges in patients with flu, COVID-19 and RSV. 

There have been technological advancements in healthcare diagnostics, testing, treatment, record-keeping and care. And as the healthcare industry dealt with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine proved its value as a viable alternative to in-office visits and a means of expanding access to care for vulnerable individuals.  

Fortunately, there is another area where technology can lend a much-needed hand as we work to support our physicians and healthcare workers: automation. 

Technology and automation can help alleviate the heavy burden placed on providers by making it easier and faster for them to enroll in state Medicaid programs. At the same time, automating systems enables Medicaid programs to manage their provider networks more efficiently. Automation offers a simple and proven solution, allowing providers to focus less on administrative tasks and more on their main purpose and passion of caregiving. 

Providers and their staff can streamline enrollment, screening and management with modular solutions implemented at the same time or on the provider’s timeline, delivering the following benefits: 

  • Greatly enhanced staff efficiency  
  • User-friendly processes 
  • Expanded automation and self-service capabilities 
  • Reduced costs 
  • Improved provider relationships 
  • Time freed up to focus on improving patient care 
  • Healthier outcomes 

An automated, time- and labor-saving approach to Medicaid management creates a win-win-win situation — for states, providers and members. It’s time for a simpler and more user-friendly process that makes provider enrollment and revalidation smooth and hassle free for some of our most dedicated workers. Learn more.