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MESC 2023: Elevating Innovation for Better Outcomes

Downtown Denver at sunrise showcasing Pikes Peak in the background, symbolizing the ascent towards improved Medicaid outcomes

Next week, the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) will bring together state, federal and private sector partners to ideate and innovate for the future of public health. I’m looking forward to engaging with other leaders who share Gainwell’s focus on improving Medicaid policy and systems — and connecting with our many state clients embracing innovation to drive better health outcomes.

This year’s MESC comes at a pivotal moment for the Medicaid enterprise community and a time of great momentum at Gainwell to reimagine healthcare delivery and access for the populations we serve. As states progress through the public health emergency unwinding and ready their systems and operations for a modern, interoperable and outcomes-based future, Gainwell is leading the charge with a number of transformative initiatives underway to forge the path forward. I can’t wait to tell you more about them.

Diverse Paths to New Heights

Technological transformation aside, Denver’s breathtaking mountain views serve as a visual reminder of the work ahead as we climb toward healthier populations together. MESC provides an opportunity to reinvigorate that commitment, sharpen strategic plans and update the roadmaps guiding these journeys.

When it comes to Medicaid modernization, every state has its own starting point. You’re taking different paths to ascend the proverbial mountain. You’re relying on different tools to support you. That’s why Gainwell meets you where you are, with services and solutions that help advance your unique journey to healthier populations — one beneficiary at a time.

For now, I look forward to being with you in Denver, and I encourage you to engage with my Gainwell colleagues and me. Our leaders will be speaking on several topics designed to showcase — and spur — innovative thinking:

  • When Policy Meets Operations: Federal Innovation in Support of Medicaid Unwinding Efforts. In this CMS and state roundtable, we’ll dive into what became possible when policy, operations and technology stakeholders united during the COVID-19 public health emergency and explore how we can keep this great momentum going.

  • Leveraging Smart Devices and New Technologies to Reach Members and Reduce Costs. Learn how Gainwell and Nevada are harnessing interoperability and mobile digital experiences to meet members where they are.

  • Metamorphosis: Diverse Paths to Medicaid Transformation. Hear from three states that have embraced diverse methods — beyond modularization — to modernize their Medicaid systems with a focus on outcomes.

  • Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets: When, Why & How to Implement a Third Party Liability (TPL) Safety Net. Protecting Medicaid as the payer of last resort helps to preserve public healthcare dollars for state priorities and larger healthcare initiatives. Gain best practices for maximizing savings from Gainwell and state panelists in different stages of the TPL journey.

  • Fueling the FHIR: How Mississippi Is Embracing Interoperability Beyond Compliance. Learn what happens when you treat CMS’ interoperability rules not as a check-the-box exercise but as a catalyst for true patient-centered care. 

  • Multi-Vendor Data Coordination for Improved Outcomes. We’ll join the state of South Carolina in a moderating role to discuss strategies for managing multi-source data.

My team and I will be at MESC not just to share our perspectives, but also to hear and learn from yours. Please reach out ahead of the event. Visit our events page for more details or to set up some time to meet face-to-face, so you can tell us more about your journey to Medicaid transformation. No matter where you’re starting, we welcome the chance to support your climb to the most important summit: healthier people and communities.

About the Author

Mark Knickrehm is chairman and chief executive officer of Gainwell Technologies. He leads an experienced team that empowers clients through technology to deliver health and human services programs that enable successful outcomes for beneficiaries nationwide.

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