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A Roadmap for the End of the Public Health Emergency - PHE Unwinding

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You Are Here: A Roadmap for the End of the Public Health Emergency Unwinding the Medicaid continuous enrollment requirement is placing added strain on state workforces struggling with limited capacity, inhibiting efforts to redetermine Medicaid eligibility at a critical time. The Urban Institute has estimated as many as 18 million people could lose Medicaid coverage with the end of continuous enrollment in April 2023. The unwinding is here. So is Gainwell. Call Center Support Augment your workforce with support for call centers, business processing and case management services to handle increased call volumes and the anticipated growth in appeals and grievances. Analytics Drawing on Gainwell's data repository and analytics capabilities, prioritize individuals based on the likelihood of continued eligibility while identifying those likely to have outdated contact information. Intelligent Tools Employ multi-channel outreach to members without essential healthcare coverage using Gainwell's Mobile Digital Platform and AI-enabled speech and chat robot, Gabby. Automation Streamline your outreach efforts with automation tools that facilitate consistent, effective communication to the millions of members no longer eligible for Medicaid. Audit & Quality Management Eiciently allocate your staff's time and effort while tracking the effectiveness of your unwinding efforts and better managing the heavy volume of notices and transactions. Residency Verification Save costs and enhance recoveries by identifying individuals who may have benefits in more than one state. Gainwell's Residency Verification service helped one state save more than $42M in the past two years. Gainwell supports 56 million Medicaid beneficiaries across all 51 states and territories. Our national coverage allows us to take advantage of existing contract vehicles to speed through the implementation process. Learn more at

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