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Gainwell Technologies’ Fully Modular Medicaid System Enables Kansas to Achieve CMS Certification

Kansas becomes first state with a fully modular platform to receive federal matching funds from the day it went live

RESTON, Virginia - March 07, 2023 – Gainwell Technologies (Gainwell), a leading innovator in healthcare technology solutions, today announced that the nine-module Medicaid system it designed and implemented for Kansas is the first fully modular system to achieve the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Streamlined Modular Certification.

Kansas will also become the first state with a completely modular system to receive federal matching funds from the day the system went live only ten months ago. Significantly, CMS found zero findings, which means it found no deficiencies in the platform that needed immediate attention. This is an unprecedented achievement for such a comprehensive and complex system.

Implemented with quality and ingenuity

The system’s performance and versatility result from Gainwell’s ingenuity and the platform’s quality design and engineering. The system, which seamlessly connects and powers all modules in a secure and dynamic environment, enables Kansas Medicaid to provide personalized, mission-critical services to its valued members and providers.

“We are very pleased with the system’s performance, reliability and flexibility, which enable us to provide our most vulnerable citizens with the best healthcare possible,” said Kansas Medicaid Director Sarah Fertig. “This is a testament to the work we’ve done together with Gainwell, our longtime trusted partner.”

Gainwell designed and implemented all nine distinct modules of the state’s progressive, cloud-based and configurable platform. This cutting-edge, modular solution gives Kansas Medicaid the agility and interoperability it needs to deliver superior healthcare services to members and providers.

“This first-of-its-kind Medicaid system is a result of the Gainwell team’s dedication and steadfast commitment to Kansas’ critical work,” said Gainwell President and CEO Paul Saleh. “We are incredibly proud to have implemented nine powerful, independent modules with uncompromising quality. The state now has a completely modernized system that ensures vulnerable Kansans receive the high-quality healthcare they deserve.”

The platform’s cutting-edge and intuitive modules include a single sign-on customer self-service portal, claims processing and adjudication, and provider enrollment and management. Additionally, they include program integrity, financial management, managed care, member management, a data warehouse, and system integration.

Gainwell and Kansas have a collaborative partnership that spans more than two decades. Together, we’re solving some of healthcare’s most pressing challenges.

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